You've likely not heard from me much.  Everything's been great.  I'm hale and hearty and was minding my own business when I was suddenly buried under an avalanche of paperwork.  Seriously.

I took a bit of time off for the holidays, managed to catch up, then I turned a corner and suddenly the earth shook.  G has been writing a book and a companion workbook to support the business.  He finished the book and it's my turn to edit it.  Mind you, I'm not a professional editor, yet I have almost 4 decades of reading experience in my chosen language.  This qualifies me to, at least, give it a basic edit.  It's taking a while, though.  I'm only one quarter through it.  I find myself re-writing whole paragraphs to make it more digestible.  It's a big job.

The same day I was given G's manuscript, Flex calls me and asks if I'll edit his new gaming book.  I told him yes and that it was in line after G's book.  He sent me the link.  I downloaded it and noticed how Flex had thoughtfully written my name on the front page as editor.  The next page had a repeated word, a misspelling and some punctuation issues.  


He's also sold 7 since he gave it to me.  And my name is there as editor with mistakes in it.  Gah.

We also spent this weekend in Portland installing the servers.  We were supposed to be back Sunday save for the error that needed fixing, so we had to wait until they opened again on Monday.  

I feel a bit overwhelmed.  If you don't hear from me in the near future, assume I've bricked myself and the three manuscripts into a room.  Please pass bread, water and tea under the door.  Thank you.
Please keep in mind that the book I'm editing for Flex is a Dungeons & Dragons supplement.  It's not a scholarly text like G's.  In so saying, are you annoyed by some minor things like:

- overuse of "but" as a sentence opener?
- the occasional dangling modifier?
- quirky wording? 
- sections of choppy, short sentences?
- sentences ending in prepositions?

I feel compelled to make everything perfect, yet it will change Flex's style of writing to do so.  There is nothing glaringly offensive, yet there could be a lot done to polish his style.  If I did so, it would result in a lot of small corrections that might modify his voice and his cadence.  I really hesitate to do so, for he has a unique way of expressing himself.  

If I change half to two thirds of these, is that enough?  For something as light as a gaming manual, would you be offended?


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