- I pretty much guaranteed rain this whole week when I moved the big wooden triple-decker bird feeder onto the hook in the middle of the yard. I had secured it under the eave during the winter so it wouldn’t be constantly damp during our wet winters. This winter has been rather dry and we’ve had so many sunny days I actually had been watering the garden with the hose. I moved the feeder and told G that I predicted rain. I was right. It started raining either Friday afternoon or night and it’s been wet ever since.

- I was felled by a virus this weekend. Not only was there a heaping plate of virus, it was accompanied by tasty migraine sauce. Yum. Honestly, it was the migraine that kept me down. I’m still headachy, yet the flashing disco lights and the vapor trail effect are gone. That’s good. Still, it was a love fest of an audiobook, an eyemask, lavender oil, tissues and myself all weekend. Dead sexy.

- I finished my last proofread of G’s book this morning. I told him and he then presented me with three additional pages he wrote while I was spooning a box of tissues in bed. Nice. *rolls eyes*

Okay, I need to figure out a plan for the rest of my day. What I really need to do is re-fill the fridge (there’s literally 10 things in there), deposit checks at the bank, pick up my allergy homeopath meds, and hit the library for a hostage exchange. It’s rainy and damp, though, so I’m thinking a walk is inadvisable in my delicate state. I’m at the point where the virus will stay in my head or sink to my lungs. I’m hoping to avoid the whole lung thing. Maybe I’ll send G…

From: [identity profile] wyliekat.livejournal.com

Oh boy do I hear you on the virus thing. Am still trying to get out from under it's big ol' elephant ass of illness.

From: [identity profile] miladycarol.livejournal.com

Back to the savannah with you, behemoth! Elephants don't belong in buildings!

From: [identity profile] miladycarol.livejournal.com

Well, I shan't comment on personal tastes... I'll take you on your word that pachyderms aren't a turn on for you and offer you the elephant prod I just happen to have in my purse.

*blink blink*

Doesn't everyone carry an elephant prod in their purse? Just in case? *smiles assuredly*


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