Remember I mentioned sowing some seeds?  Well, my starts are doing remarkably well.  So well, in fact, that I'm a little concerned I may have planted them too early.  They are thriving and growing much more quickly than last year's starts did.  The most aggressive are the beans.  So, here's a little story for you.

Once upon a time, there was a young Sculpy girl that I made several years ago.  We'll call her Jill.  Jill is about 35mm (1 3/8") tall.  

You will not have a marker of comparison for yesterday's photo of my little collection of beans, tomatoes and other herbs, yet here it is.  Just trust me when I say they are far shorter then than today.

And here is Jill standing amid the grove of beanstalks today.  Watch this space for future progress on our way up and through the ceiling.  Did I mention G is a bit concerned?


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Did you sell your cow for magic beans again? Don't go antagonizing any giants. Even if they fall, it never ends well and they're likely to squash important things.

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Jill is a reasonable lass. She'll not do anything hasty. I, however, am a loose cannon. *grins broadly*

I didn't have a cow to sell, so I merely bought the beans from a reputable dealer. These beans were created by the wizards at Oregon State University, so they are packed quite full of magic. I'm hoping they fruit as copiously as the precocious speed at which they germinate and sprout.


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