I'm on page 64 of 186 of editing the manuscript. Despite stopping periodically to focus further afield and to walk away from the screen, everything I see is blurry. It's time to stop for the night.

From: [identity profile] lurkitty.livejournal.com

*hugs* *massages your scalp*. One third of the way through!! Yay!

From: [identity profile] miladycarol.livejournal.com

Thank you! Your ministrations are much appreciated! Quite the gentlewoman, you are!

When are we getting together for games?

From: [identity profile] miladycarol.livejournal.com

Gee, thanks for that very kind thought. I'm sure I'l be fine again when I no longer have to stare at the computer for ungodly hours at a time. Still, thanks so much for your vote of confidence in my nigh on ancient eyes. *narrows said eyes at you with perfect clarity*


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