Argh. The editing of this manuscript is just dragging on and on. I'm on my second round through the document. I'm tied to my computer now, as the changes are being made live. I am having a lot of self-resistance to this, for whatever reason. I seem to be only able to sit here for a 20 minutes before I make an excuse to plant seedlings, wash windows, paint more leaves on the trees in the mural room, make tea, give the dogs haircuts, prune the yard... are you seeing a pattern here?

I really want this done and out of my hands, yet I can't seem to stick to task without the feeling my eyeballs are going to bleed. It's really not the content, though it does need a lot of massaging and polish, it's me. I just can't seem to sit still. I can't focus. I feel horrible about it, and I think that feeds my agitation. Today, I've decided to make a fair go of it and just do as many pages as possible and I've already made a huge breakfast, three pots of tea, I've done a load of laundry, watered the plants, cleaned the kitchen twice and a few other little things. This is me focusing??? *rolls eyes* I really need to save me from myself. *headdesk*

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Try this trick:

When you feel like you need to get up and do something else, don't. Go ahead and stop working, but don't get up; remain seated for five or ten minutes. Don't pick up a book, don't start a game, don't answer e-mail, don't browse the web; just sit quietly, and take slow, deep breaths. Hopefully, the urge to do something else will pass. If, after five or ten minutes, you really can't continue without a break, then go ahead and take a break.

That's a tip I got from a writer's panel at Orycon. It works pretty well for me, even on non-writing stuff: housework, schoolwork, etc. It sometimes leads to me standing completely still while staring at the dishwasher, though. The cats must wonder!

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That's interesting advice. I have tried that in the past with limited success. I'll give it a go to see if helps with writing. Usually, with other projects, a quick run to make tea or a stretch helps re-focus me for my immanent task. It's just not working well for me lately.

Honestly, I think the cats are more likely to wonder why you're passively taking it from the dishwasher. They can hear what that meddlesome machine is saying to you and think you're daft for allowing such words to go unpunished. Just saying.


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