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( Apr. 13th, 2009 02:18 pm)
I spent much of Sunday in the yard. I’ve been placing flagstones to facilitate walking into select regions of the garden without miring myself in mud. Yesterday, I spent some quality time on my hands and knees digging those flagstones into the ground and adding sand to cushion them flat. I’m half done.

I also continued in my bulb relocation project. When I moved here 10 years ago, I invested in a bunch of bulbs, which I planted all around the house. I’ve since realized that I just can’t keep bulbs in the front easement area due to a lack of anywhere else for delivery trucks to pull over. Seriously, even if we aren’t the house receiving the package, they tend to block the bike lane and part of the sidewalk by pulling onto our easement. When I first realized this, I bought two big wooden planters and parked them on either end of this strip of soil to simulate the orange cones of do not parkiness. I failed. The big trucks still parked on my easement, thus crushing the two planters. I schemed to build some sort of cement brick raised bed… then I realized it was just plain mean of me to take away the only real area that is safe for them to stop for more than a block.

This year, I’ve been digging up the bulbs as they poke through the soil. I relocated a few, and now I’m cutting the flowers and packing the bulbs in dirt with labels so I can plant them in autumn. It may take me another year to save them all. They definitely weren’t thriving out there, anyway. This is an opportunity for me to make amends to them.

I also made a pair of little tea light candleholders to hang in the garden. I’d like to make more, I just need to dig up some more little glass jars with appropriately sized mouths. This will be my impetus to have garden parties this summer.


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