miladycarol: (Majestic Garden Deck)
( Mar. 12th, 2009 04:44 pm)
I spent my afternoon in the yard working on the veggie bed. I'm laying bricks where treated lumber once was. I had dug it all out two years ago, laid weed block, then run out of cash to buy the bricks and soil. I've been buying the bricks over the past year and have almost all of them. I was out there this afternoon shoring up the bricks so they lay more or less even. I'll need the soil to kind of plump up any remaining slumping ones.

Eventually, I'd love to brick in other areas of the yard and make nicer gardens there, too. I have an ornamental maple tree that I housed in a wooden barrel for 9 years. The barrel is falling apart around it and the tree has laid a tap root I'm not willing to break. I'm thinking I should just brick around the perimeter of the barrel and fill the rest in with soil. So many plans. So much dirt to move.


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