So, I made a huge push on Thursday and I was very nearly late making dinner for guests on Friday, yet I finished my big edit. Now, I need to staple G to a seat and go over it, page by page, with him. After we do that, I'll run through it and determine which sections are better suited in a different order than they currently appear. I knew as I edited it that there need be some changes. I thought it best to give it a full edit first, though, before shifting things. I may eliminate repeated things and I have already chucked out the whole second appendix because it was superfluous.

Still some work to do before I turn it out into the world, yet I'm feeling very good about the progress. I was able to have Saturday and Sunday off with a clear conscious & I did some work in the backyard. Plus, on Friday, I made my first attempt at beef stew. I've been reading books set in the 18th century and there have been lots of battle camps where all they eat is stew. I guess that has niggled its way under my skin and I've had a strong urge to make a solid peasant meal รก la my ancestors. With my late start, I didn't have enough time for the stew meat to properly stew. I made them wait an extra couple of hours to eat to give it time to soften. Who knew it would take so long for beef to do that? Certainly not someone who has been a vegetarian for so long. Ah well, it all worked out just fine. I served the beef stew with salad and bread while I ate the leftover Mexican-style soup. Apparently, it was good enough for one guest to ask for seconds. Yay!


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