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( Jul. 10th, 2006 08:33 am)
28 May 2006 Sunday

We had planned to use today for shopping. We went to the airport to pull money out of an ATM. All the local ATM’s in the suburbs are for Thai cards only. They don’t take foreign cards at all. Once we had funding, we taxied to Chatuchak Weekend Market. It’s huge. Incredibly huge. Unfortunately, we had to leave pretty early into the adventure as our hostess became ill. After only a few short hours of shopping, we spent the rest of the day at her house.
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( Jun. 13th, 2006 12:12 pm)
26 May 2006 Friday

Merri and I had a relaxing morning at Jiraporn's lovely house while she was at work. When she returned, she took us to the local prison where we ate a hearty feast. The food was marvelous, though a couple of the dishes nearly breached my chili tolerance level. I shall either become a stronger person or I’ll have third degree burns the length of my colon. We shall see.

Afterward, we picked durian, mango, mangosteen and banana from a fruit stand and gorged much of the afternoon away. We bought the makings for Tom Yum Gung and Jiraporn made us supper. I took careful notes, so I may have a nice Thai dish to share when I return.

Interesting notes:
-There are little food stands everywhere and they stay open 24hours/day.
-Many houses have cute little miniature houses that look like elaborate temple birdfeeders on posts outside their front doors. These are called "Spirit Houses." It's where the protective ghosts reside.
-There is no poverty line. Rich houses are right next door to tin roof shanties, condemned tenements (with people still living in them) and average, modest single family homes.
-Dogs own Bangkok. Every yard has a dog and strays roam the streets freely. The people are so Buddhist that they can’t bring themselves to kill them. Instead, they have instituted a program at the local veterinary university where students take strays and give them physicals, practice heath procedures, neuter them and release them back on the streets w/ collars.
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( Jun. 13th, 2006 11:07 am)
26 May 2006 Friday… the wee hours.

We've arrived safely in Thailand. I am happily spread out on my own bed in my own ensuite room in Jiraporn's house. She has made me feel most welcome.

We had adventures at the Sydney airport. Merri packed a lot of stuff into two heavy suitcases and a carry-on. It appears the US has, yet again, different status than the rest of the world. In the US, each person is allowed two bags at 30k each. The rest of the world allows a total of 30k for each person. Poor Merri was so far over the weight limit, they charged her heavily. AU$20 for each kilo over the limit. Yikes.

It is currently 1am here, which means it is 4am in Sydney. I'm tired.
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( Jun. 12th, 2006 08:35 pm)
This is the first of my Thailand trip blogs.

25 May 2006 Thursday

My first Thailand adventure! How exciting! Much like my whirlwind preparation for our Japan trip, I feel equally rushed. I have yet to begin reading my Thailand book. With only a week between deciding to go and this moment, well … wheee!

Things look quite promising, though. I’ve boarded Thai Airways and the entire plane is purple! Purple seats, purple carpet, purple pillows, purple blankets, and most of the stewardesses are wearing beautiful purple Thai skirts and jackets. Oh, and had I mentioned? Purple!
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( May. 29th, 2006 07:16 pm)
Sorry, everyone. I didn't mean to alarm you. I guess my choice of words could have been better, but we all take what we're thrown in different ways. Me, I needed a change of scenery. So, Thailand it is.

I have written much in my little black notebook and on my PDA. I'll type it all up in complete sentences when I return to Sydney and you can all read of my exploits. It's more of a relaxing vacation than heavy on the sight-seeing. I am happy for the slow pace and the down time.

I am well. [ profile] lukitty is well. We're having fun and enjoying ourselves. I have taken a few nice pictures up to today, but I suddenly can't focus my camera, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to photo-journal the rest of the week. *heavy sigh* I'm soooo not good with electronics.

I keep thinking of you all and you're with me in my journey. Thank you so much for your good thoughts. I'll be fine. It's merely a glitch in the matrix.


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