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( Jan. 15th, 2007 10:58 am)
Saturday, G and I took the day off and went to the mountains with JR and Suzette. The boys went skiing and Suzette and I went snow-shoeing. Finally! Someone who doesn’t like skiing enough to want to winter hike with me! I haven’t been on any of the winter mountain trips in years because everyone wants to ski and no one wants to hike with me. The last time I went, I ended up being dropped off at a hiking point while everyone continued on with the car. I had to stand around for hours in the cold waiting for a pick-up. It sucked.

So, it was my first time on snow shoes. I had a blast. I took to it quite naturally and didn’t fall at all. We hiked a beautiful trail to lower Diamond Falls. Everything was easy as pie right up until we were almost to the falls. There was a really steep descent that we needed to bypass, then we had to cross the log bridge with 4-5 feet of snow packed on it. It was really treacherous. The river below was quite cold and swift. We made it there and back again and, in our great relief at having managed the challenge without peril, immediately embarked upon a tall tale to tell the boys upon meeting them later that afternoon. It involved a wild fall, a double bear encounter (which they believed despite the whole hibernation thing) and a chase scene. They both bought it hook, line and sinker right up until I mentioned, “…and that was when the pack of wooly rhinoceros wandered past…” Then, their looks went from incredulous to skeptical. My tall tale theory (and I do have one) is that it should begin completely plausible, slowly adding layers of ridiculousity until it’s over the top. For me, a herd of animals extinct since the Pleistocene was the topper. *cackles with glee* Hey, any time I can bring in dinosaurs or other extinct beasties, I figure I’ve scored. *winks*

I’ll upload pictures later.

[ profile] lurkitty is currently at her job interview. I’m sending her lots of “congratulations on your new job” energy in the moment. Go Lurkitty! Impress them so much you get a great job and can move to Granolaville with us!

In decoration news, I’ve decided I want my beloved little artificial pine tree to be up all year. I didn’t celebrate Christmas for a couple of decades and, once breaking out the first and only tree I ever bought, remembered how much I loved the little twinkling lights and tinsel. Since I leave my little fairy lights up in my windows all year, it’s not really a stretch for me. I took all the little Christmas decorations off the tree, changed the lights to be little mini purple ones, and it currently sits awaiting a change of decorations. I’m planning to change the décor with the season. I think I’ll do something for Valentine’s day in the near future. I also have to decide whether I want to keep it in the entry, move it to my library so I can appreciate it more, or place it more in the living room where it’ll have more impact. We’ll see. It’s very exciting, though. I can’t wait for the Halloween decorations and little orange lights!

Well, I should actually get to work. I shall endeavor to be better about posting in the future. I guess my life has been mostly work recently, and I hardly consider that exciting and post-worthy.

Tra-la-la. Off to work I go!


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