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( Jan. 11th, 2007 06:06 pm)
What a wonderful day! I managed to safely transport all my post-its for to be shipped, I met the lovely [ profile] dreadygoddess for a yummy breakfast, then I hiked a snowy, sloshy, slippery Pisgah. As per my tradition, when it snows at Pisgah, I make a snow beastie and leave it on the sculpture at the summit. How cute is it that people were actually taking pictures of my little beastie while I was still there? *beams*

When I returned home, I took the puppies for a walk into the snowy field next door. My thought was that they deserved some snow fun since I had such a great time on Pisgah. Well, silly me. Yes, we had great fun. But… Dina is really a dog. She thoroughly enjoys rolling in smells, splashing through puddles and kinds of great doggy fun that result in one messy puppy. This resulted in puppy baths. Not fun. We certainly enjoy making ourselves a mess, but hate the shower. Ah well, such is life. They have it hard, I tell you!

I took my PDA with me to Pisgah and I received a call as I was almost at the summit. I answered and conducted business right on the mountain surrounded by snow. How cool is that?!? I’m arranging a business deal while hiking through the forest! *squee* I could almost appreciate the phone at this point!

Look! Pictures! )
Okay, now I must work.


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