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( Jul. 29th, 2006 02:49 pm)
We had a lovely morning at Market. I still haven’t scrubbed the fridge and I’m still working through the upper cupboards, but I still bought some fresh salad mix, a cucumber, some tomatoes and some ingredients for a curry. I’ve changed into my work clothes and aim to tackle more of the kitchen in a moment.

We also bought a pint of blueberries but they didn’t make it past the shopping phase. We just popped handful after handful in our mouths as we walked. Blueberries are a sad, sad thing in Sydney. I guess they aren’t terribly popular or they don’t grow well there, for they are grossly expensive and puny, sour little things. I’ve been jonesing for blueberries since I left in November. I ate half a pint last night and another half a pint today. I may start taking on a violet hue. *grin*

Plus, Phad Thai for lunch! I’ve been to Thailand. I’ve had 3 or 4 Phad Thai experiences there and, though they were better dishes than I’ve eaten in any Thai restaurant anywhere else in the world, they were still not as yummy as the Phad Thai this Thai man makes from his little market cart. It’s so simple and so yummy!

Okay, I’m going to scrub the fridge. Everyone, outta my way! Woman on a mission! Must make a clean home for the salad!


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