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( Sep. 20th, 2005 05:13 pm)
It’s been a busy day for me. Well, it wouldn’t take much to be busier than the past week where the most aerobic thing I’ve done is go to the kitchen to refill my water bottle. Have I mentioned how much this sucks?

G left last night for his appointment in PDX. [ profile] sbloss was my knight in shining armour today by taking time out of her schedule to shuttle me to the doctor’s office. *kiss kiss, hug hug* It’s hard to believe that such a short distance is not walkable and not bikeable for me in the moment. Again, suckage.

So, the doctor said it is a torn medial collateral ligament. I’m scheduled for an MRI next week to see how extensive the damage is before we draw up a treatment plan. I am optimistic this will not need surgery. *crosses fingers and channels energy* I am also optimistic that this will take less than the traditional 6 months to heal. Nay, I am DETERMINED it will take less than six months.

The doctor gave me an Rx for a hinged knee brace and crutches. G was home when [ profile] sbloss brought me back home, so we went down to pick up my new mobility aids. The brace feels great, but those crutches are going to take some work. Talk about weird and uncomfortable. I’ll have to work on it this week because I’m on the schedule at work the last weekend of the month. My posture is really wrong and strained using them. I’ve never had to use crutches previous to this. I’m thinking I’ll really need to work on some upper body musculature, but I think I’ve figured out a way to work in a bit of aerobic exercise. *shakes head and sighs*

I guess I’ll continue to sit here and work on desk projects until I’m told otherwise. The thing is, I love my hand projects, don’t misunderstand me, but I’m so unhappy about the lack of freedom to go out and do what I want and need that sitting still to make jewelry and knit is unfulfilling. Spoiled brat? Yup.

So, if anyone is interested in sitting with a pot of tea and working on projects at the table with me, I’m more than available.
I’m bored! Gah! G won’t let me do anything! I’ve been sitting around since Monday. I finished my banking, paid my bills, did the budgeting, finished the back of my sweater, am trying to figure out the lace part of the bottom to start the next section and I’ve drunk countless pots of tea between rubbing ice and arnica gel on my knee. But, I’m bored. I wanna get on my bike or go for a walk.

I’m feeling better. I really am. I have almost all my ROM back and the pain and swelling are almost all gone. Well, okay, not really almost all gone, but very very manageable and well within my pain tolerance. I should be able to go out and do things, right? RIGHT?

I guess this makes me a bad patient, doesn’t it?
Sunday had its ups and downs.

Up. We went to Shrewsbury Faire. We decked ourselves in our garb, piled into the car, and sang fun songs in three-part harmony as we drove out to the middle of nowhere. We met Eric, Dawn and Amanda there, roamed about, shopped, clambered up and down hills to watch the jousting event and then began the walk back to the car so we could meet [ profile] lurkitty and her spouse for dinner in Corvallis.

Down. G and I were on our way out of the faire when I slipped on the grass, fell and dragged G down on top of my left leg. That was when I heard the unwholesome “pop!” When I say "down," I mean that literally here. I limped out to the car and we drove the 45 minutes to the restaurant.

Up. We had a lovely dinner at Intabas with wonderful people. There was laughter, punning, a really nice salad, and a thoughtful server with an icepack. I really enjoyed connecting with [ profile] lurkitty and hope to meet again soon.

Down. Despite my careful attention, this is a bad sprain. I really wish I had the Gray’s Anatomy book so I could put a proper name to the muscle. I can feel it. It is swollen, and I have probably only 80% of my range of motion and most of that involves a degree of pain. *sigh* On the plus side, it is completely manageable. I’m not going to be doing any major legwork in the next few days, but all will be well. I’m sad to be rather immobile for the week, but I’ll bounce back. The most disturbing part is the resonating sound of the pop my knee made. It was truly an unholy noise.

Meanwhile, I am learning to be content with my new role as Gimperella, Queen in the Land of Limps-a-lot. If anyone wants me, I’ll be bludging at home today.


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