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( Aug. 13th, 2006 08:51 pm)
What an awesome game! I managed to collect 10 people for a kickball game and we had marvelous fun! Highlights included me settling under a pop kick and catching it only to buckle under impact and fall to the ground. Plus, there was me running to home base and being tackled so hard on the base that I literally bounced back off the ground and hit again. Good thing for my extra layers of padding. I gave my brain a good rattle on that one. Thankfully, after a moment or two of system analysis, I discovered I was fully functional and had no concussion. Good thing, as it was my turn up to kick. *grin*

I’ve decided that I’m not at all athletic, but I have a great time running around like a fool and screaming. Yup. That’s me. A lunatic. *proud beam*

We had so much fun that I’ve decided to hold another kickball event some Sunday soon. Ten people is the bare minimum. If we could find 12 or 14, that would make it better.

I’m very happy.


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