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( Jan. 31st, 2007 08:25 pm)
I’m dead tired. Too much stress, not enough sleep and not enough exercise makes MiLady cranky.

I really need to draw a line here. Yes. Here.

I’ve set my watch alarm to 9pm. This is the time at which I shall finish everything in front of me, brush my teeth, grab a book and head to bed. I want to be prone by 10 for the next few nights until I feel refreshed upon waking.

I’m going to Mt. Pisgah tomorrow morning come hell or high water. I’ve even arranged a date to assure myself of company and a car.

I need to set a plan in motion to buy my own car. I want a hybrid, if I can manage the cash flow. I figure I’ll need US$300 per month to support this. It really does seem ridiculous to pay that much money for a vehicle that will be used 3-5 days a week to transport me to a mountain, but I’m going out of my skull. I got used to Pisgah whenever I needed her. She’s like a drug and I’m not happy without her. I would mainline that mountain if I could. It would cost more than $500 a month in taxi fees and there are no buses out there. It was so much nicer when G never left the house and I could use the car whenever I needed.

This means I need to get my jewelry website up and running. I figure I need to sell 2-4 pieces of jewelry per month most months to meet my needs. That doesn’t seem impossible to me. The only hitch is that I know nothing of web programming. I know the look and feel I want, I can draw the design, but I have a head stuffed too full of other things far more important to my continued survival to try and learn programming. If any locals would like to spend some quality hours with me and help me design a site that I can learn to maintain myself, I’d be eternally grateful. I’m sure there will be money, food and great quality tea involved.

Okay, I’m going to stretch and head to bed. Good night, world.


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