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( Jan. 31st, 2007 08:25 pm)
I’m dead tired. Too much stress, not enough sleep and not enough exercise makes MiLady cranky.

I really need to draw a line here. Yes. Here.

I’ve set my watch alarm to 9pm. This is the time at which I shall finish everything in front of me, brush my teeth, grab a book and head to bed. I want to be prone by 10 for the next few nights until I feel refreshed upon waking.

I’m going to Mt. Pisgah tomorrow morning come hell or high water. I’ve even arranged a date to assure myself of company and a car.

I need to set a plan in motion to buy my own car. I want a hybrid, if I can manage the cash flow. I figure I’ll need US$300 per month to support this. It really does seem ridiculous to pay that much money for a vehicle that will be used 3-5 days a week to transport me to a mountain, but I’m going out of my skull. I got used to Pisgah whenever I needed her. She’s like a drug and I’m not happy without her. I would mainline that mountain if I could. It would cost more than $500 a month in taxi fees and there are no buses out there. It was so much nicer when G never left the house and I could use the car whenever I needed.

This means I need to get my jewelry website up and running. I figure I need to sell 2-4 pieces of jewelry per month most months to meet my needs. That doesn’t seem impossible to me. The only hitch is that I know nothing of web programming. I know the look and feel I want, I can draw the design, but I have a head stuffed too full of other things far more important to my continued survival to try and learn programming. If any locals would like to spend some quality hours with me and help me design a site that I can learn to maintain myself, I’d be eternally grateful. I’m sure there will be money, food and great quality tea involved.

Okay, I’m going to stretch and head to bed. Good night, world.
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( Jan. 27th, 2007 11:23 pm)
It’s been an incredible weekend… and it’s only Saturday night!

1. [ profile] lurkitty spent much of the weekend with us.
2. I was able to spend quality time with [ profile] naudiz and [ profile] pjack.
3. I had Mom over on and off all week helping us stuff and mail business plans for She was a huge help.

1. After returning from Australia and finding Morgana even more tired and lethargic than before I left, I set her upon a new diet path. I have been cooking her and Aldina special meat stews every night for supper filled with multi-vitamin gravy, meat, fresh veggies and herb to help her in her elder years. I am weaning her slowly off medication. She’s lost a ton of water retention and swelling and her arthritis pain is minimal. I saw her dance this morning on her hind legs. She hasn’t been able to do that for at least two years. I almost cried on the spot and I’m beginning to tear just thinking about how happy I am for her. She’s like a puppy again and I am overjoyed. If anyone wants my secret recipe, let me know. It took me a few months to iron it out, but I’m obviously on the right track.
2. Inspired by Gana’s improvement, I took a good long look at my multivitamin. I realized that the 2 years I spent on the prenatal vitamin were amazing. I wasn’t sick once. Since I’ve been back on a regular vitamin, I’ve been sick once a month for the past 4 months. I’m tired and prone to depression. This isn’t cool. Last weekend I was recommended a new vitamin which I tried and I feel great about. I’m looking forward to increased energy and better health.
3. My Mom’s health is less than perfect but she doesn’t respond well to our begging her (or any other methods of persuasion or teaching) to take better vitamins and eat better food. Tonight, SHE AGREED TO TRY A REAL VITAMIN! We went to the Barker’s house for dinner and took Mom to meet them. Their friend Rick the Pharmacist stopped by and spoke to Mom. He looked at the vitamins and reassured her they were excellent and would work well with her existing prescriptions.

I’m beside myself with joy! It’s been incredible! There have been a dozen more smaller things that have gone so incredibly right the past few days, but they pale in comparison. I’m floating! I really hope these vitamins work wonders on Mom. I miss the spitfire she used to be when I was little. I haven’t seen her feeling really good, well, ever. I want her to be happy and in minimal pain.

I’m sending beautiful thoughts to all of you for all the reasons you need them. It’s a magical night and everyone’s dreams will be answered.

[ profile] lurkitty will have an amazing job and more love than she can handle.
[ profile] naudiz is going to kick serious butt in so many ways even The Great Australian Folke Hero won’t be able to keep track.
[ profile] kittekaat is going to find her dream home and all the happiness she deserves.
[ profile] dreadygoddess will have no worries about anything once we find some time together.
[ profile] onewhohugstrees and her son will be well in short order.
[ profile] silverblue will have her perfect job soon and a house in a year.
[ profile] biomekanic will find his perfect job and [ profile] sbloss will be happy and healthy.
[ profile] cmdr_zoom will find the perfect job for a hobbit and still be able to game.

If I’ve missed anything, it isn’t going unaddressed in my heart. EVERYONE gets cookies tonight! We all win.
Dear MiLady,

It would seem you have forgotten that you are sensitive to lactose. I strongly suspect this because you regularly deliver to me milk-based acidophilus pills on a twice daily basis since our battle with that little intestinal virus. I understand that you want to repopulate the flora, but there are better ways than ingesting something that causes rather unpleasant environmental conditions in this region. We suggest time, as one possible solution.

In summary, until such time you cease and desist inundating us with milk bombs, we will launch a campaign of bloating, cramps and other poignant symptoms. Once we are sure that you have received our plea, we will be more than happy to negotiate for a proper return to the health you so ardently desire.

Sincerely and with great emphasis,

Your Digestive System
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( Jan. 3rd, 2007 03:51 pm)
Happy New Year.

Because you are all probably wondering where I’ve been and why I’ve been non-responsive, I’ll clue everyone in after the fact.

I the weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year, I’ve have a house brimming with people. At my highest capacity (six), there wasn’t a room save the kitchen without a body in it. It was all very warm and fuzzy to have so many wonderful people around me.

Simultaneously, though, I had to work. Work has been very challenging. Just keeping up with G’s brain is almost a full-time job. Creating material to support the business is exhausting when there is no template. I’m working through it as best I can.

Then there is the unpleasant illness that I have spun into a Good Thing.™

I went hiking New Year’s Eve and became so dizzy I had to stop for a while. I did finish the hike, but I was really upset thinking a couple weeks away from the mountain and I’ve lost all my physical capabilities. I felt fine after my shower and I prepared for our party by baking cookies. Everything was fine until around 8pm when I realized I was headachy, dizzy and nauseous again. Since I had Mom over and I had to drive her home after midnight, I hadn’t had anything alcoholic and I struggled to keep myself alert and responsive until I had deposited her safely at home. Once I returned, I immediately made myself horizontal for the rest of the evening.

The next day, not much had changed. I had far worse hangover symptoms than anyone who had drunk – which is distinctly unfair. I spent much of that day barely coping and retired early. It was some time in the early morning Tuesday that everything in my intestines became liquid and I was bed-bound for all the day.

I woke this morning feeling a bit better. I’ve had some solid food and, other than spaghetti muscles, I’m much improved. I should be back to 100% tomorrow. My apologies for unreturned phone calls, IM’s and ignored LJ’s. I’m working on it.

So, I’ve begun 2007 with The Great Purging. I have cleaned my insides and now I’m going to launder everything in my bedroom and bathroom to start cleaning the outside. I have a fresh start. This is a Good Thing.™


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