miladycarol: (Dina Highchair)
( Apr. 4th, 2006 12:07 pm)
I’ve noticed something interesting the past few days. Tell me if I’ve gone nuts.

Chicken, pork, duck smell foul to me. I don’t mean to pun, here. G’s Mom makes him the freshest meat and cooks it very well. Never in all my years of vegetarianism have I thought that well cooked meat smelled wrong. I’ve never been that kind of vegetarian. But in the last three days, it smells rancid. Why? How could this happen so suddenly? I’m very confused. I haven’t tested this by going to a restaurant and breathing deeply. I also haven’t tested it on beef. But I’ve always relied upon my nose to tell whether G’s meaty leftovers needed to be chucked and I don’t understand why this has come to be. What changed? Does anyone have an explaination? *boggles*


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