I've noticed a disturbing trend, over the years. When I remember dreams, I can't scream when it counts. Sometimes, I can't even breathe. I wonder why?

I have this hypothesis we tend to dream about things we're focused upon. I am a nurturer and I like to solve problems and make things better. when I dream, I am never alone. There is always someone there. It's either someone I already know and love or strangers that share a situation with me where we are all in peril. In any case, a dream starts fairly normally, then a mysterious element is introduced. I investigate and weirdness occurs. When things become grim or tragic, there are circumstances where screaming or shouting for help would be effective -- except I can't. I can talk to people in my dream, but when I need to be very vocal, all that emerges is a choked gag.

Last night, I needed to scream for help and perform CPR on someone. I was unable to scream more than a choked sound and I couldn't find breath to perform CPR. It's usually at this point of frustration that part of my brain kicks into "overdub" and declares, "Well, this is useless." I wake and begin to check for pulses on the bodies of my loved ones scattered about the bed. This morning, Gana was on the couch, so I rose and padded into the living room to check on her. Satisfied that all my family was fine, I began my day.

Anyone have two cents to contribute?


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