miladycarol: (Drinking tea)
( Apr. 17th, 2006 07:42 pm)
This actually happened on April 11th, but I wrote it in my notebook and forgot to post it. Better late than never, eh?

G and I spent a bit of time in Borders this afternoon. As I walked through the magazine section, I was visually drawn to a magazine called Home Barista: The Essential Guide to Making the Perfect Espresso at Home. I was blown away that Australia has a magazine specifically dedicated to making coffee. Blown away. So, I’m sitting here, curled in a comfy chair, flipping though an espresso magazine.

It explains everything from choosing a machine, choosing the proper milk and how to make fun designs in the crema and foam. Have I mentioned that I’m blown away.

Is there such a thing as a tea barista? Do you think I'd qualify if there were?

Home Barista: The website!


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