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( Jan. 3rd, 2007 03:51 pm)
Happy New Year.

Because you are all probably wondering where I’ve been and why I’ve been non-responsive, I’ll clue everyone in after the fact.

I the weeks surrounding Christmas and New Year, I’ve have a house brimming with people. At my highest capacity (six), there wasn’t a room save the kitchen without a body in it. It was all very warm and fuzzy to have so many wonderful people around me.

Simultaneously, though, I had to work. Work has been very challenging. Just keeping up with G’s brain is almost a full-time job. Creating material to support the business is exhausting when there is no template. I’m working through it as best I can.

Then there is the unpleasant illness that I have spun into a Good Thing.™

I went hiking New Year’s Eve and became so dizzy I had to stop for a while. I did finish the hike, but I was really upset thinking a couple weeks away from the mountain and I’ve lost all my physical capabilities. I felt fine after my shower and I prepared for our party by baking cookies. Everything was fine until around 8pm when I realized I was headachy, dizzy and nauseous again. Since I had Mom over and I had to drive her home after midnight, I hadn’t had anything alcoholic and I struggled to keep myself alert and responsive until I had deposited her safely at home. Once I returned, I immediately made myself horizontal for the rest of the evening.

The next day, not much had changed. I had far worse hangover symptoms than anyone who had drunk – which is distinctly unfair. I spent much of that day barely coping and retired early. It was some time in the early morning Tuesday that everything in my intestines became liquid and I was bed-bound for all the day.

I woke this morning feeling a bit better. I’ve had some solid food and, other than spaghetti muscles, I’m much improved. I should be back to 100% tomorrow. My apologies for unreturned phone calls, IM’s and ignored LJ’s. I’m working on it.

So, I’ve begun 2007 with The Great Purging. I have cleaned my insides and now I’m going to launder everything in my bedroom and bathroom to start cleaning the outside. I have a fresh start. This is a Good Thing.™


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