When we went to Saturday Market today, we passed a man selling Brussels sprouts. G had never seen them on a stalk before and he asked me what they were. Then he asked me if they were any good. I explained that I have never met a Brussels sprout I liked. I figure, as a vegetarian, I’m allowed to not like a couple of veggies. No one can accuse me of not making an effort to eat my veggies, after all. The vender overheard us and asked why I didn’t like them. When I explained, he offered me a deal. He said he would give me a $3 stalk of fresh, organic Brussels sprouts, the instructions on how to prepare them his favourite way, if I promised to return the next Saturday I was able, to tell him how I liked them.

Have I mentioned how much I love Eugene?!?

I can’t remember the name of the farm, but the man’s name is Pat. He sells the Brussels sprouts, artichokes and a few other veggies on the side street where the corn truck and plants are sold. He is very cool and, if you’re in the market for Brussels sprouts and artichokes, I highly recommend him.

How’d it work for me, you may ask? I heated a bit of olive oil in the skillet, washed and peeled the first layer of leaves from each sprout, then cut them in half. I chopped onion and garlic, and then tossed everything into the oil. I use very little oil, so they were more steamed than stir-fried. I tried one, and then added a bit of ground pepper and Braggs. I served them like that just to see how I liked them and, while I didn’t jump up and down proclaiming my great love for them, I didn’t dislike them at all, either. I think that the next half of the stalk I cook will be done a bit differently. I would like to steam the artichokes in a bit of lemon juice. Then I’ll stir fry the onions, garlic, Braggs, pepper, a bit of wine and some rosemary together, then add the sprouts at the last moment, and serve. I really think they cry out for lemon and rosemary, for some reason.

So, [livejournal.com profile] naudiz, while I don’t see myself popping frozen Brussels sprouts in my mouth like popcorn any time soon, I have now eliminated the last of the veggies I knew I didn’t like. Even peas have been raised from a Ten Pea Limit to a Twenty-five Pea Limit, if they are cooked correctly. Dag nabbit, I can’t think of a single vegetarian food I dislike enough not to eat at all (providing it’s cooked appropriately or not at all). Well, there are my food allergies… but that’s them disliking me, not the other way around. Hey… I was happy eating them. They decided to pick the fight, not me. They started it! MOM!!!


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