G’s cousin, Adam, will be arriving at 8pm this evening. I first thought it was this morning, but I read the email incorrectly. I’m very glad for the reprieve. It has given me the opportunity to wash all the linens, clean my desk, pay the bills, file, etc. I’ll also have time to go grocery shopping and make our dinner. I’m thinking Korean pancakes will do nicely. This is actually a savoury meal served mostly cold, for those not in the know. And, I can even make it so I can eat it as well. Wheee!

I was hoping to escape the house early this morning for my walk, but that didn’t happen. Now it’s almost 2pm and my thermometer on the deck says it’s past 90 degrees F (30 some-odd degree C). I don’t think I want to do a whole hike when it’s this warm. Maybe I’ll make it out in another hour or two, then do the shopping. Either way, I need to leave the house. But I’m still doing my laundry (on my 6th load, so far) and I’m almost done filing the bills. I also managed to clip the poor puppies today. I finished Dina but Gana was very moochie and didn’t want to submit to a full cut. She’s a bit lop-sided looking, but it just adds to her character. At least they have less hair and seem a bit cooler today. Poor babies.

About the Wedding. )
Later that night, we drove home, I shed my plastic skin-for-a-day, and hopped into the shower. Everything after that was sooooo relaxing. I hadn’t realized that the only times I sat down all day were during the car rides, a couple of times for 10 minutes or less and for 15 minutes to eat. I was “on stage and performing” all day. I hadn’t realized how tired I was until we had settled into games later that evening. Rob and [livejournal.com profile] agthorr dropped in to play Ninja Burger card game and Settlers of Catan. I made smooties and we played into the wee hours.

I am blessed.

Now, I’m going to have to get my blessed arse into some clothes and get out of here to run my errands.


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