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Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:Oregon, United States of America
Until I think of something really clever to write, let's just say I'm a humanoid living on the most beautiful hunk of rock careening through space I've ever seen (I could be biased).

Okay, I've thought of another description of me:

I am a role playing, fantasy loving, garb wearing, tree hugging artist who's personal belief system revolves around a hybrid of world religions and philosophies. When asked about religious affiliations, I usually reply, "I am the one and only member of the non-proselytizing Church of Carol." It fits nicely and makes a handy elevator speech explanation.

My home is in beautiful Eugene, Oregon. This is where my soul recharges. I have a cozy little cottage with two Maltese and a little herb garden surrounded by trees and friends. I also live, occasionally, in Sydney, Australia.

I love to travel and explore. I love experiencing new cultures, people and historical sites. I am fascinated by the trees and the rivers and the smell of the air wherever I am. I enjoy talking and listening to people.

Given time, I'm sure to develop other descriptions of myself.

Unless otherwise specified, all my icon pictures are taken by, and made into icons by, me.

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