Yesterday, I spent most of the day in the Lilac Corner. I borrowed my friend’s little pickup truck, bought a yard of planting soil, drove it home and then spent my day carting and distributing soil while arranging rocks to form retaining walls. It’s good to finally put my Tetris skills to use in a practical way.

One yard was not quite enough soil, yet two yards would be overkill, so I’m not quite done. I need to fill in some little gaps in the rocks (they are local rocks harvested naturally (read: G and I digging them out of the ground and loading them in the back of the Subaru), so they are of varying shapes and sizes. I may just buy a little bag of cement and mix a paste to solidify the wall a bit. I also will need to buy a few more buckets of soil as there’s still some uncovered weed block. Oh, and I need to finish building the wall. I left a gap to allow the wheelbarrow through and this may require another urban rock hounding excursion.

All this additional work will have to wait, though. I did all this solo. Schlepping soil and hefting some rather large rocks around my yard has exacted a toll on me. I woke this morning with neck and shoulder ache and my fingers are tingly and numb on my right hand. It could be from bashing those fingers between rocks, yet it’s more likely a pinched nerve or something. I’m sure I’ll be better in a day or two. Either that, or it’s a heart attack, and I won’t. Time will tell. Meanwhile, the Lilac Corner isn’t going anywhere and it will content itself to sit and wait until I can work on it some more.
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