I can't say I'm a huge fan of piƱa coladas, yet I do love being caught in the rain... well, sometimes. Today was one of those times.

I was walking my errands through mist and drizzle, so it was of no surprise when a goodly shower of rain hit me a few blocks from home. I had prepared myself by wearing 3 thin layers and a hat. I even had an umbrella, though I was enjoying myself too much to stop and dig for it in my backpack. I passed a few folk at intersections holding signs asking for work or money and, as I wished them luck and a good afternoon in passing, they all rejoined with some comment about, "stay dry" or, "try not to get too wet." I shouted back, "You, too" over my shoulder. A nice man sidestepped out of the shelter of an awning as I approached and I pressed into the doorway to let him pass, smiling, "Please, you deserve to stay dry, too."

I'm thrilled that in the Pacific Northwest, there is a quality to those who live here that grant them a certain sweetness and light in the rain. I've lived elsewhere and rain often brings a certain level of grumpiness at the inconvenience. Here, it seems most people that are wandering outdoors are gentle and protective of the rain. I guess we understand that it's the rain that brings us tasty fruit and veggies, that it makes our emerald valley so lush. I love that.

The other really cool thing about returning home after being in the rain is the toasty warmth and security of a dry and happy home. The rain had only saturated the outermost layer of clothing, so it was easy to shed this and snuggle into my comfy flannel bloomers and thick sweatshirt. I was greeted by the fluffy warmth of puppies -- who happen to also be wonderfully absorbent -- and wet noses sniffing to sleuth what kind of adventures I may have had. Now, I sit with a steaming pot of tea, cozy and content. My errands are done, I'm in for the evening, and I have a lovely book to read from the library. Life is good.
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