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After a morning of cooking, cleaning and other chores, I cleared my afternoon for crafting. It was gorgeous outside, so I began by stripping and cutting some bamboo trimmings my friends Kathy and Kenan gave me from their amazing nursery, The Artistic Gardener. Before I had delved too deeply into creating a tomato cage, my wonderfully crafty friend, [ profile] lurkitty, arrived. I set aside the bamboo, made us a pot of tea, and we settled under the umbrella on the deck to craft. While she made a lovely summer necklace, I set out to turn glass jars and inexpensive glass beads into hanging tea light lanterns for the garden.

I used 24 gauge green crafting wire, threaded and wire-wrapped beads into hangers, filled them with river sand and set them onto the garden hooks. Many of the larger handmade beads were gifted to me by Aimee of NewroticGirl. They, also, are recycled in that they were unclaimed projects at the glass school she attends. I think they look smashing in the sunlight.

For pictures, click here.

As the sun set behind the weeping willow in the next yard, I hung my little lanterns on their hooks in one of my flowerbeds and lit the candles. I sat sipping tea and watching the flames dance among the darkening foliage under the waxing crescent moon. I do so love my little slice of Paradise.

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

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From: [identity profile]

Oooh, those are beautiful!

You're inspiring me to make some suncatches with wire and beads....

From: [identity profile]

Excellent, please post pictures if you do. I'd like to see what you do with them.
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From: [identity profile]

Tea light holders = awesome idea!! They look lovely. I'm glad the "abandoned beads" got a new chance at life! :D

From: [identity profile]

They did... and it was perfect. Normally, I require balance in my pieces. I've been fondling those beads since you gave them to me wondering how to work such odd sizes and shapes and colours into my work. I completely relaxed, didn't measure anything, pulled together bits that just felt right and was thrilled with the results. If ever your studio wants to rid itself of more unclaimed beads, I'm betting we could amass some more jars and have a huge party making garden art. All it requires is wire, nippers and some kind of glass container that fits a tea light candle in it. Oh, and river sand. I'd think fine gravel would be excellent, too. I just happened to have river sand on hand from laying flagstones. Done differently, they would make a most excellent chandelier, too.


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