*sigh* G has fixed all the server stuff -- after two trips up north -- and gotten all our websites up and running. Well, everything except my email. The email for both my sites is still not functioning. It's been 3 days now. I'm not angry, just inconvenienced. And I feel badly that I may have important questions or comments coming in that I miss. I can catch up on some of the LJ stuff if I remember to go back and look at those posts, yet I'm sure there are things I'm missing.

So, this is me apologizing if anyone is trying to ask or tell me something and I don't respond. I'm holding back on spending a lot of effort in Internet projects and conversations because I won't be sure I'm able to follow up appropriately. Instead, I've been sneaking outside between bouts of rain to work on the bistro table and dig some more in the Lilac Corner. I think maybe I'll go plant my blueberry babies while there's a break in the clouds.
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