Cooking Up Art website

… or, How To Make Dish Washing Exciting.

I am usually fairly dutiful about cleaning dishes. I choose not to have
a dishwashing machine, so it’s all me. Though it’s never, historically,
been my favorite thing to do, I have managed to make my mornings at the
sink some of my most magical. I have the fortune of a window over the
sink. This window overlooks part of my back yard, a part which I’ve
turned into my little piece of Eden. The central view of this window is
the Birdfeeder Buffet. I will often stand at the sink to eat my
breakfast and drink my tea so I can watch Critter Cinema. This morning,
I was rewarded by special guest appearances – American Goldfinches!
Last year, I had Lesser Goldfinches, so this is their first spotting of
these amazingly brilliant yellow birds.

I also found another new bird to my yard at the end of March which,
with the aid of the trusty bird ID book I keep on the window ledge, I
identified as a Red Shafted Northern Flicker.

Every day I grow more deeply in love with the little patch of land I’ve
cultivated and I feel rewarded by so many delightful visitors to
entertain and amaze me.

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

MiLady Carol
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From: [identity profile]

I've been watching a goldfinch flit around my yard this morning, too! :) I'm not sure if they've figured out yet that I finally restocked the little hanging sock-like finch feeder with nyjer seed, but they seem to be finding things they like in amongst all the mosses and lichens of the back apple tree. :)

Hooray for backyard birding! It's so much fun.

From: [identity profile]

Is nyjer seed the same as thistle? Those little, thin, black rice-like seeds? Perhaps I just don't pay attention as I buy it from the bulk bins.

From: [identity profile]

Yes. And actually, your query led me to look up nyjer on wikipedia, where I learned much that I did not know before. I think I've always seen it labeled as 'nyjer thistle seed', so I've always assumed that nyjer was a variety of thistle. I was, apparently, quite wrong. Because those seeds aren't really seeds at all, much less thistle seeds (they're technically a fruit). And they come from Ethiopia (part of why they're so spendy). And they're used in some Indian cooking.

Yay! I learned things! :D

From: [identity profile]

How interesting! I had no idea, either. We both learned something! Yay us! I'm feeding them Ethiopian fruit! Who knew?

From: [identity profile]

You get some lovely birds on your continent, i must say!

That Scrabble game I mentioned is on facebook and it's called

Google it and see if it comes up.

From: [identity profile]

Thanks! I've found it, now I just need the time to challenge someone to a game. *smiles* I love Scrabble, and I know it takes me a very long time to play a game.


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