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Above and beyond the seasons, there are two times of year for me. There
is the time of growth and change and the time of hibernation. There are
those 3-4 months where everything seems asleep and changes are barely
perceptible to the eye. Then there is the rest of the year, the time of
change. Every day, every hour, there is something new to see. Now that
we’re well into Spring, I have renewed my habit of walking my
yard. It’s an incredibly comfortable pattern that I’ve peacefully
fallen into over the years.

Mornings are my time. All of Avalonne is still asleep and the house is
mine. It’s quiet and peaceful within. The Garden is another thing
entirely. Outside, it’s teeming with life and energy and change. I
usually do the dishes and make a pot of tea then leave the quiet peace
of the house to a very different kind of quiet and peace. I walk around
the yard and look at everything. I want to notice all the changes that
have happened since I last looked. How many new leaves does that
columbine have? Are any of the seeds sprouting? The pink tulips have
opened on the northern side of the yard. Is the transplanted yarrow

It’s probably my favorite time of the day.

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

MiLady Carol
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