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I walked downtown to run some errands two days ago. I love walking
through the neighborhoods because I can watch all the little changes in
the flora and admire people’s curb appeal. I tend to alter my route a
wee bit with each trip so I can see more streets and alleys. On my
return trip, I walked down an alley where I happened upon a yard debris
recycle bin overflowing with the trimmings of a white star magnolia and
a fuchsia Camilla. I do love the smell of magnolia, so I was drawn like
a moth to flame. I often stray far afield for a chance to stick my face
in a delicious looking flower, so I wasn’t surprised to find my feet
had taken me to the bins before I knew where I was going. Once there, I
thought it was such a waste for these gorgeous flowers to wither away
in a plastic bin when I could take some home and enjoy them -- after
all, they were clearly unwanted. I began poking around for easily
carried branches and pulled several of each. I tucked them in the crook
of my arm and set off for home like the newly crowned Queen of the
Flower Fairies. As they have wilted, I’ve deadheaded them and added
fresh yellow daffodils from my own garden and continue to enjoy these
discarded beauties.

Clearly, recycling is beautiful. *beams*

Breathe deeply,
Laugh with abandon,
Love wholly,
Eat well.

MiLady Carol
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