*belly laughs* I rocked back to dangerously precarious angles on my ball when I read this. There was a split second in there where I did think of my friend group and thought, "Nah, there's not a sane one in the bunch."

I say that with pride. I spent a lot of quality time looking for the best, the brightest, the craziest, most interesting people I could find and plopped myself right in the middle. I guess that makes me ultimately unbalanced, eh? *beams* I think of our individual quirks as herbs and spices. We all have a different flavour and, tossed together, we make a fascinating array of tastes and great experiences. I absolutely revel in everyone's idioms, ticks, and hiccoughs. I assume you must revel in mine, too, or you'd have tossed me to the curb by now.

Besides, anyone who thinks they are thoroughly sane, perfectly balanced and completely normal is probably the most deluded of all. How boring is that?


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