I’m happy with my accomplishments today. I woke early, saw G off to The Rose City to fix our servers, walked downtown to run some errands, manicured the lawn, planted a pot, weeded the garden beds, dug out and placed soil barriers in the Lilac Corner, then I turned over the soil there in preparation of a retaining wall, began putting together and staining the legs of what will become my little bistro/tea table for the Mural Room, and took the girls for a walk.

In between all that, I spend around two hours reconnecting with Jim. Jim and I were next door neighbours growing up. We spent the first twenty years of our lives together like a brother and sister who just happened to live across the fence from each other. I lost track of Jim while he was working interstate and then I moved across the country. I’ve been looking for him on the Internet for a looong time. I finally found him through Facebook.

Though I doubt I can adequately describe how I feel about this, it’s a bit like finding one’s favourite cuddly sweater from high school. After 20 years, I tried that sweater on and, not only did it still fit perfectly, it was just as snuggly as it always had been. Our conversation flowed like we’d only been apart for a week.

The other amazing thing is that Jim and I have been best friends since birth, practically. All my amazing friends here have only known me less than a dozen years. While you all listen to my history, Jim experienced it with me – many of those experiences being the best bits, too. Jim knows all the childishly stupid things I was and loved me through it all. I’ve been charged with extra energy all day, I’ve had the Sing-a-Long playlist blasting through my speakers while I worked and I’ve been singing at the top of my lungs all afternoon. Amazing.

It’s time to eat dinner. G is just finishing his work and will be home in a couple of hours and my bliss will be complete.


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