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( Mar. 18th, 2009 01:32 pm)
It’s not raining. This means I have the opportunity to dash into the yard and do some work. The grass is still far too wet for mowing, so that waits for another day.

What I did do was grab chalk, safety goggles and my sculpting tools – my marble sculpting tools, that is – and take to reconciling my raised bed issues. I measured, tried moving bricks, measured again, replaced bricks, measured yet again, made some chalk marks and then set to dividing one of my bricks in two.

These are those cast concrete, trapezoidal, retaining wall blocks, and I’ve never before tried to break one in twain. I set two other pavers on the ground with a few centimeters gap between them, then had at it with chisel and hammer for about 10 minutes. With a satisfying crack and thump, brick parted like the Red Sea. I set the first one, then I whacked about the second half trimming it a bit to fit it in the other side. Presto! All I need now is to buy the last two bricks to complete the circuit. I’ve two spaces prepared and I know they’ll fit. Maybe I’ll hit the garden store later this afternoon. It’s very exciting!



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