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( Mar. 9th, 2009 10:43 am)
What a lovely, hypersocial weekend! Unusual for a hobbit like myself. We had some friends over for gaming on Saturday -- read fourteen hours of fun and frivolity at Castle Avalonne! Yay! G and I collapsed in our bed content and blissful. We really do have the best people in our lives. Thank you to those who came and played with us.

Sunday, we slept in a bit. G was quick to blame the daylight savings switch, I was happy to admit pure sloth and the soft cuddles of puppies. Really, how can one conceive of rising when little white puppies are snoring sweetly in one's arms and atop one's hips? I am very owned by these girls.

I rose a bit late, made a quick breakfast and we had a client over for tea and talk. I broke out the Gung Fu tea set and had a proper tea ceremony accompanied by banana-apple-walnut bread. Later that afternoon, we met Risa and her friend from Japan at Flex's apartment and took them all to dinner. We met Risa when she spent some months here as an International Student at the University. She and her friend both play New Orleans style jazz and they had come on a pilgrimage to America to experience Mardi Gras in the French Quarter. They even joined a parade with their instruments and played along. They made time to visit us and left early this morning to return to Japan. I'm very honored.

Risa has a deep, abiding love of squirrels. As we parted, she pulled a small bag of sunflower seeds from her purse and entrusted it to me for the three that frequent my yard. I took a little video of one of the boys eating the seeds this morning for her.


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