I started the day on 117 of 169 and ended on 136 of 168. Not quite 20 pages and I am off to a friend's house for the evening. *sigh* Maybe I can squeeze in another couple pages later tonight. Have I mentioned how excited I'll be to finish?
... and that's a really good thing in this area of the world. We had walked to our friends' house at twilight and emerged in the rain to walk home.

Just for the record: Puddles + waterproof boots = FUN!

I also want to let everyone know that I love them dearly, I've just been so focused on all my many editing jobs and other essentials around the house that I've been rather hard to reach. I promise, I will dig myself out of this hole before spring is too far gone. I'm almost done with the big tome, then I have a workbook to edit and my taxes to finish.

Oh, and remember Jill and the Beanstalk? Well, I had to transplant the babies into structures with support. If you look down, you can see Jill's wee little head. I can't believe they are only 16 days old.

And here is the whole Sproutery in my only south facing window.

Okay, after this bit of dalliance, I'm back to The Word Mines to see if I can muck through another couple of pages. Soooo want to be done.
I made it to 139 of 168. That's 22 pages for today. I've completed the book proper which leaves 29 pages of appendices. My brain is seeping from a couple different orifices so I think it wise not to tackle the first Appendix tonight. It will be my first read of them as I never did make it that far in the copy I printed. I suspect, from reading the first paragraph, I'll need more of my little gray cells awake to start this.

Off to bed with me.


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