I began the day a bit late, yet I managed to edit pages 87 through 117 of 169.

I stopped for an hour of sunshine in the garden digging and replanting some stray bulbs. When I first bought Avalonne, I had planted a great quantity of beautiful bulbs in the easement area at the curb. This hasn't worked out well for the bulbs. We are on a busy road and the delivery trucks have nowhere to park save that very easement. They've been crushed repeatedly. Every year, though, they poke their little heads out in hope of survival only to be smushed beneath the wheels. Every year, I run out front and dig up more of the little babies and transplant them in the back where they have a shot at thriving and will be appreciated. Since I moved my bird banquet shepherd's hook, I thought I'd naturalize those bulbs at its base.

I also needed to transplant my two week old bean and nasturtium sprouts. They are now in pots crowded beneath my daylight lamp. I'll take a picture tomorrow.

Now, I think I'll lie flat on the floor and not look at anything for a spell. I'll be so happy to be done with this editing job. So happy.


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