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( Feb. 10th, 2009 10:37 am)
I'm tickled pink that it has been flurrying for hours. With my hyacinths budding, my herbs beginning to shoot new green leaves and the temperature well above freezing, there are bits of white falling from the sky. It won't stick. It probably won't continue for much longer, yet, I am amazed that it is and quite content for it to be so.
Remember little Jill? I don't know if you can even see her amid the forest of sprouts. Her head will be that little dot of red.

Clearly, I'll have to rout around in the shed and find a temporary plastic pot to house the beans. They are huge and starting to develop the little tendrils used for climbing. By tomorrow, they may be clutching at my Thai pepper plant if I'm not quick about transplanting them. Since it was snowing here this morning, it's clearly too early to put them outside with a trellis. I'll have to figure something out before they choke out my tropical plants, precocious little darlings.
I began the day on page 63 of 167 and ended on 87 of 169. I guess I've reached the half-way mark. If I can make another 20-24 pages over the next 4 days, I'll be done with my second edit and I'll be ready to release it to wider scrutiny.


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