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( Feb. 9th, 2009 10:13 am)
 I took yesterday off the editing job.  Instead, I cooked, cleaned the kitchen and washed the windows from the outside, walked to the grocer and back, and played some relaxing board games with Mom and friends.  I also neglected to paint more leaves on my trees.  The other day, I was so tired of little green leaves, I grabbed my blues and purples and a fresh brush and ran off to the bathroom.  This is what happened.

It was good to paint something with eyes after only leaves for weeks.

... this could take a while. I don't want to move into editing or the rest of the pile of paperwork before me. I know as soon as I shift to a new project, they will come back to the line and I'll have to dig for the papers concerned in the call. So, I'll blog a bit.

[ profile] deromilly asked if anyone else found themselves in a color rut, buying all the same color family for everything. Well, I used to, yet I find my tastes have varied greatly over the past few years. I've branched out into colors that I'd never have considered previously in decor, in clothing I'm willing to wear and in my jewelry design. I still have a few colors I'm drawn to for clothes (I tend to stick to black, burgundy, purples and blues), yet I have truly expanded the range by quite a bit. And I am now drawn to making jewelry and knitting things in colors I'd never considered.

I'm not sure what provoked this shift. I've thought about it before and tried to hearken back to find a moment, yet I'm at a loss. In my art, I never hesitated to use all the colors in my palette, I just had not applied this to my personal space and adornment. Now, it seems I do. Though I don't know why, I feel it's appropriate to gather this little shift into a pile and roll around in it in celebration. So, if I roll around in a pile of varied colors, I'll be rainbow calico, right?

How do you view color and how do you use it in your life? Do you restrict your palette? Do you experience color fazes? Do tell!


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