Through an interesting scientific exchange, I managed to run smack into the exact Brain I needed to solve my website issue. Talk about serendipity.

I had created on my Mac. and uploaded it to a server farm.  It worked great.  Then, when we ported it over to our own servers in a co-lo, the site suddenly was littered with capitalized accented letters.  Given there was absolutely no French used, these were undesirable additions.  My sincere thanks to [ profile] glitch__  for the solution.  Now my site is happy again.  Yay to the wonderful geeks in my world!  

Thanks to [ profile] bigbenalpha for his completely unwary and greatly appreciated participation in this.
I'm on page 64 of 186 of editing the manuscript. Despite stopping periodically to focus further afield and to walk away from the screen, everything I see is blurry. It's time to stop for the night.


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