miladycarol: (CA grinning in Cabritta)
( Feb. 3rd, 2009 12:07 pm)
I played a 7 person game of Machiavellian politics with three amazing friends, a husband and two strangers. The only other woman at the table, a dear friend who shall remain nameless, had the opportunity to unleash certain and utter death unto me... and did so with a cackling glee that floored G and the two strangers at the table. Of the five locations I could reside, she sent assassins to all of them. It was certain doom for me, folkes. Certain doom. It was one of the complete strangers that took pity upon me and gave me a card to escape the rather heated attentions of one of my best friends.

I survived, yet I learned a lesson. Apparently, it's those who know and love me best that want most badly of all to see me dead -- well, at least my board game character -- and people who don't know me well enough to realize I should be taken out at the earliest possible moment who sweep in and save me. Interesting, that.


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